Spring Has Sprung!

Few people can say they don’t love spring. After all, it’s a time of renewal and a generally positive atmosphere. But spring (and the art of spring cleaning) can be quite a different story if you reside in Long Island. The folks at Clean County know this all too well, as a residential cleaning service in the Long Island New York area for over two decades. 


Deep Clean for the Exterior


Weather ranges from rainy, snowy, icy, hot and sunny, and everything in between. The changing elements can make the exterior of your home or building look shabby due to mildew, mold, leaves, twigs, and sediment, plus the effects of ice-melting treatments. So it’s strategic to call in the certified experts at Clean County to provide effective powerwashing and low-pressure roof cleaning services to keep your exterior free from environmental stains and debris. 


Mind the Gutter


As a Long Island property owner, you need low-pressure roof cleaning routines to keep your systems clean and functional and prevent issues such as clogged or leaking drainage spouts. Clean County provides gutter and downspout cleaning and brightening that removes all debris while keeping structures immaculate despite environmental conditions.  


Optimize Spring Curb Appeal


Clean County’s technicians will apply the most suitable washing technique according to your building’s structure. We use eco-friendly and effective hot water power wash solutions for concrete cleaning while opting for controlled soft wash techniques to restore the aesthetics of your wooden decks and fences. 


Request a quote from the Clean County team today to benefit from specialized spring cleaning designed for the beautiful residents of Long Island.