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If it's on the outside of your business, we'll clean it!
The Northeast's Finest HOA & Condo Complex Cleaning Service.

Home Owner Association Pressure Washing

Your property deserves an exterior cleaning ally - and we’re here to fill those shoes! Clean County proudly serves HOAs, condos, and multi-unit properties in the area with comprehensive exterior cleaning solutions.

Complete Exterior Cleaning Services

Managing a property is a big job - and we’re here to make it that much easier. With our one-stop-shop solutions, you can count on the best quality in:

Clean country pressure washing

Building Washing

We have capability for power washing and soft washing, which allows us to bring the best clean to any exterior surface. We remove stains, buildup, and mold and mildew from virtually every material, including:

  • Vinyl
  • Brick
  • Stucco
  • Wood
  • Cedar
The Area's Top Provider Of Quality Parking Garage Cleaning & Maintenance Services. Parking Garages should be cleaned in the Northeast at least once a year, and in high traffic garages twice a year, due to the salts and other contaminants that get into the garage surfaces. They eventually get absorbed into the concrete parking surfaces and soon will cause the rebar to rot out. When this happens the concrete begins to leak,crack and in the worse case scenario the garage itself can be condemned. We use state of the art hot and cold water powerwashing machines ranging up to 4000 PSI with up to 200+ degree water, surface machines and any cleaning solutions needed for all parking garage cleaning. Our knowledgeable staff is experienced on how to lighten or when possible remove stains completely. Each Parking Garage cleaning is approached based upon the existing conditions, and we will use the correct products and methods specific to your facility's cleaning and maintenance requirements.

Concrete Cleaning

Our hot water power washing solution is the most effective way to give your property a facelift.

We remove chewing gum, stains, dirt, and other imperfections from your:

  • Parking Lot
  • Sidewalk
  • Patio
  • Entryway
  • Driveway
house pressure washing new york

Roof Cleaning

A clean roof completes your property’s curb appeal - but it also increases the lifetime of your shingles. Our soft wash solution gets the job done. Our roof cleaning service comes with these benefits:

  • Safe For Asphalt Shingles
  • Won't Void Your Warranty
  • Removes Harmful Algae
  • Restores Roof Curb Appeal
Gutter Cleaning & Downspout Brightening Your home’s gutters and downspouts are more than a minor detail! While often overlooked, you will be amazed at the dramatic difference clean gutter and downspout exteriors can make! Similar to your home’s siding, gutters and downspouts can accumulate unsightly dark streaks and stains. Our specialized Gutter Brightening service will safely and effectively remove these ugly discolorations to reveal fresh, clean, “like new” gutters and downspouts! The perfect finishing touch for any House or Roof Cleaning!

Gutter Cleaning

Removing the debris from your gutters is extremely important. Leaves, dirt and other debris can cause standing water to damage your property. Our gutter cleaning service includes:

  • Removing Debris
  • Washing Out Downspouts
  • Flushing Downspouts
  • Optional Gutter Face Brightening

With Clean County, property maintenance isn’t a stressful to-do.
It’s a simple solution & just a phone call away.

Check Off All the Boxes

Our goal is to bring the best service to your property - and superior results to match. This is why our team provides services that ensure:

  • Code Compliance

    Our services help HOAs meet CC&Rs. All properties will benefit from health and safety compliance.

  • Convenience

    We deliver the best results, and we do it with minimum disruption to the people who call the property home.

  • Quality

    Our team has invested in the best equipment, cleaners, and training to bring the very best to your property.

No Job Too Big or Too Small - We Clean It All!

From Parking Garages to Vinyl Sided Homes, Restaurants to Condominium Complexes, Clean County Powerwashing can clean just about anything! We specialize in delivering timely, sparkling clean, environmentally conscious results that you can count on. It's the Clean County Way!

HOA Cleaning

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HOA & Condo Complex Cleanings

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Press ‘pause’ before you budget out a costly siding replacement project! Clean County offers residential house washing services that bring a ‘like new’ effect to your property… Without the time and investment that comes with a brand new exterior. House Washing: Why It Matters The quality of your home is constantly up against a legion of issues: Dirt, grime, dust, airborne pollutants, mold, and mildew compromise curb appeal and harm the condition of your siding. Our climate doesn’t help. The northeast’s weather creates an ideal habitat for spore-bearing bacteria, which results in those dark stains you see on siding. These streaks diminish curb appeal, but they can also cause your exterior to deteriorate. It’s important to take action against a dirty exterior – but pressure washing is not the solution. This method uses force to “clean” away any buildup on your exterior. And in the process, it can crack siding, cause water damage around your windows, and destroy landscaping. Clean County offers a safer, more effective alternative. Or soft wash system gently washes away years of unsightly buildup to reveal a clean, fresh, “like new” home exterior.

Spring Cleanup for HOAs

By cleancounty | March 12, 2019

Sunny spring days make everyone more cheerful, but they also shine a bright light on the outside of your buildings. Wintertime often leaves behind grimy siding, filthy driveways, and debris-laden parking garages. Your HOA responsibilities are on full view for everyone to see, prospective tenants included. But you don’t need to worry. Your spring cleanup…

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