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Parking Garage

Parking Garage Cleaning

Each Parking Garage cleaning is approached based upon the existing conditions, and we will use the correct products and methods specific to your facility's cleaning and maintenance requirements.

Parking Garage Cleaning and Sweeping

Pressure Washing

We aim to meet two objectives: Instant results in curb appeal, and quality that lasts. This is why Clean County exclusively uses a pressure washing service to clean commercial building exteriors.

Parking Garage Cleaning and Sweeping

Concrete Cleaning

Clean County protects your concrete with an advanced pressure washing system. We have hot power washing equipment and the industry’s best cleaning detergents to deliver the best results.

Your property deserves an exterior cleaning ally - and we’re here to fill those shoes! Clean County proudly serves HOAs, condos, and multi-unit properties in the area with comprehensive exterior cleaning solutions.

Apartments & HOAs

A clean, well-maintained community improves property value. If you have been looking for a qualified company to handle ALL of your exterior cleaning needs, call Clean Couty Power Washing!

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House Power Washing

Clean County offers residential house washing services that bring a ‘like new’ effect to your property...without the time and investment that comes with a brand new exterior. Let us pressure wash your home today!

Roof Cleaning Kings Park NY

Roof Washing

Don’t replace your roof — restore it! Clean County utilizes a specialized low pressure roof cleaning technique to revive your shingles. The result of our process will reveal a “like new” roof – for a fraction of a roof replacement!

Parking Garage Cleaning and Sweeping

Brick & Paver Cleaning

Every surface needs special attention, especially your brick & paver surfaces. That’s why we deliver customized cleaning that meets the requirements of all of your hardscapes - from your driveway to your patio.

Gutter Cleaning & Downspout Brightening Your home’s gutters and downspouts are more than a minor detail! While often overlooked, you will be amazed at the dramatic difference clean gutter and downspout exteriors can make! Similar to your home’s siding, gutters and downspouts can accumulate unsightly dark streaks and stains. Our specialized Gutter Brightening service will safely and effectively remove these ugly discolorations to reveal fresh, clean, “like new” gutters and downspouts! The perfect finishing touch for any House or Roof Cleaning!

Gutter Cleaning

Leaves, dirt and other debris clogging your gutters can cause standing water to damage your home or roof. Our gutter cleaning service includes removing debris, washing out and flushing downspouts.

Clean County Powerwashing Offers Pressure Washing & Exterior Cleaning Services

Thank You for visiting the official website of the Tri-State Area's Premier Provider of top quality Pressure Washing and Exterior Cleaning services. We consistently deliver only the highest quality workmanship and an unparalleled level of excellence in customer service to Businesses, Homeowners and Property Management companies throughout the states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.

Clean County Power Washing offers affordable, professional power washing and parking garage cleaning services to New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania & Connecticut and the surrounding areas and communities.

If you'd like to talk to us about your next power washing or parking garage cleaning project, please give us a call for more information.

Professional & Licensed, Fully Insured

Clean County Powerwashing is a Professional & Licensed company carrying $2 million liability insurance. We have the professional modern equipment necessary to handle all jobs large and small, ensuring all jobs meet exacting professional standards. Our proven methods pose ZERO RISK of damage to your property.

You can always rest assured that your job will be handled promptly, professionally and with expertise.

John & Kathy Tornabene

No Job Too Big or Too Small - We Clean It All!

From Parking Garages to Vinyl Sided Homes, Restaurants to Condominium Complexes, Clean County Powerwashing can clean just about anything! We specialize in delivering timely, sparkling clean, environmentally conscious results that you can count on. It's the Clean County Way!

Why Choose Clean County?

Why Choose Clean County?
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Professional & Licensed
In Business Since 1996
$2,000,000 Liability Insurance
Professional, Modern Equipment
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We Are Committed To Your Satisfaction!
Parking Garage Cleaning and Sweeping
Pressure Washing In Long Island

HOA Cleaning

Dealing with home exterior cleaning is an enormous task for anyone – especially when you have a whole complex to worry about! Ensuring your HOA’s pressure washing is done on time and appropriately takes careful planning and care. Fortunately, at Clean County Powerwashing, we have teams to help you stay on top of it all.…

The Importance Of Wood Restoration

Wood installations offer an ageless aesthetic that can significantly improve your property’s curb appeal. Generally, wood is cost-effective, lasting (with careful maintenance and wood restoration services), and suits almost any decor theme.   However, constant exposure to the outdoor environment, such as moisture, seasonal temperature fluctuations, and sunlight, can gradually degrade your wood components, resulting in…

Why Prioritize Routine Parking Garage Cleaning?

The average commercial parking garage sees a high frequency of traffic every year, exposing it to many contaminants, salts, and pollutants. These impurities permeate the concrete structures, eroding the rebars that keep them together. Which is why parking garage cleaning is VITAL! Additionally, a parking garage’s enclosed and poorly ventilated spaces enable contaminants to linger…

Why Use Clean County For Your HOA Cleaning Services

If you’re in charge of the cleanliness of a Homeowners Association (HOA), you know that how your exteriors look can make the difference between happy tenants (and interested ones) and angry tenants (and uninterested home searchers). Instead of doing all the labor and yard work to get your HOA cleaned yourself, why not bring in…
commercial pressure washing new york after

Commercial Storefront Cleaning With Us

Clean County is the power washing company you can trust to make the best first impression of your business. We proudly offer our services to customers in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Tri-State Area, and Connecticut, where we strive to lead the commercial storefront cleaning industry.   Make the first impression of your business one…
Clean country pressure washing

HOA Gutter Cleaning and Power Washing

As a member or President of an HOA, it is part of your responsibility to ensure proper building maintenance for the property. Part of this includes gutter cleaning and power washing. This is to ensure both the safety and efficiency of a working gutter system. It is also a responsibility to keep the property looking…
Your property deserves an exterior cleaning ally - and we’re here to fill those shoes! Clean County proudly serves HOAs, condos, and multi-unit properties in the area with comprehensive exterior cleaning solutions.

Clean County Power Washing for HOAs

As a property manager for a homeowner’s association, you know how important it is to make sure your concrete is in the best shape possible – and that’s where you can rely on the services of Clean County Power Washing. With Clean County, your HOA or condo complex will get the high-quality exterior concrete cleaning…
Residential pressure washing in Long Island

Benefits of Residential Pressure Washing

Residential Pressure Washing Cleaning a house is one thing that we often ignore. It may be on the top of our to-do list, but it’s one task that we just don’t strike off too easily. One reason behind this is the herculean effort that goes behind ensuring that the task is completed. Well, here is…
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How Often Should My House be Power Washed?

The outside of your house can really take a beating. It has to withstand sun, rain, wind and hail. It has to be more consistent than the mailman! But, all that weather can really take a toll on the exterior of your home. It doesn’t take long before it can begin to look dirty, grimy…