Nesconset Pressure Washing Professionals in Nesconset, NY

If it's on the outside of your home, we'll clean it!
Nesconset's Finest Pressure Washing Service.

From our iconic gazebo to our winding country road, Nesconset is a quintessential retreat from the hurried pace in nearby New York. Clean County Powerwashing provides this relaxed and low-key neighborhood with property maintenance solutions designed to make every home and business shine!

For nearly two decades, Clean County Powerwashing has been serving Nesconset with professional services that secure quality and curb appeal for our clients. We’re staffed by a team of professionals who are committed to helping your property put its best foot forward. Our areas of expertise include:

House Washing

We ensure that your home looks great… From the curb and the front steps! Our team delivers soft washing to remove mold, dirt, stains, and other buildup that Long Island houses are exposed to. We are committed to using soft washing, which is the only way to safely clean any exterior housing material.

Roof Cleaning

Black stains are a common sight on Long Island homes, but Clean County Powerwashing has the power to remove them. We combine soft washing technology with our unique cleaning agents to eliminate discoloration, mold, moss, and other buildup from your shingles. In addition to providing a great first impression, regular cleanings will reward you with a roof that lasts up to ten years longer.

Concrete Cleaning

A positive first impression starts from your entrance. We use pressure washing to clean your driveway, parking lot, sidewalk, and walkway. These areas can become an unwilling dumping ground for vehicle stains, chewing gum, and more — and we exist to reverse the issue.

No two properties have identical needs. In addition to our pressure washing and soft washing solutions, Clean County Powerwashing offers Nesconset property owners:

Nesconset is a unique slice of Long Island charm, and we feel honored to serve its property owners. Enjoy dependable service and superior results when you choose Clean County Powerwashing for your needs. Kick off with your free estimate!