Invest in House Washing Services Before Winter Comes!

Are you preparing your home for the cold winter months ahead? House washing is an essential maintenance task that should be done before winter sets in. These services help protect and extend the life of your home, while pressure washing during winter months can damage your home. There are several key benefits to investing in…

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Overview of the Benefits of Deck Cleaning

A wooden deck in your home is a great way to add value and beauty to your property. However, with this natural beauty comes the need for regular maintenance. Suppose you are looking for ways to maintain your deck. In that case, you need to consider calling in the experts for professional deck cleaning services.…

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Clean County Powerwashing: The Ultimate Solution for Your Pressure Washing Needs

Are you looking for professional and effective pressure washing services? Look no further than Clean County Powerwashing. Our company delivers superior quality cleaning services for your home or business, specializing in pressure washing, soft washing, and roof cleaning. Whether you have a dusty driveway, a dirty deck, or a moldy roof, we’re here to help.…

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Why Clean Your Parking Garage?

Why do you need a parking garage cleaning when no one sees it? Vehicles come and go, and the people driving them rarely stop to look at the inside of the parking garage, so why does it matter? As it turns out, cleaning your parking garage does more than just freshen up the place; it…

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HOA Gutter Cleaning and Power Washing

Clean country pressure washing

As a member or President of an HOA, it is part of your responsibility to ensure proper building maintenance for the property. Part of this includes gutter cleaning and power washing. This is to ensure both the safety and efficiency of a working gutter system. It is also a responsibility to keep the property looking…

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Soft Washing & Siding: A Perfect Pair

Press ‘pause’ before you budget out a costly siding replacement project! Clean County offers residential house washing services that bring a ‘like new’ effect to your property… Without the time and investment that comes with a brand new exterior. House Washing: Why It Matters The quality of your home is constantly up against a legion of issues: Dirt, grime, dust, airborne pollutants, mold, and mildew compromise curb appeal and harm the condition of your siding. Our climate doesn’t help. The northeast’s weather creates an ideal habitat for spore-bearing bacteria, which results in those dark stains you see on siding. These streaks diminish curb appeal, but they can also cause your exterior to deteriorate. It’s important to take action against a dirty exterior – but pressure washing is not the solution. This method uses force to “clean” away any buildup on your exterior. And in the process, it can crack siding, cause water damage around your windows, and destroy landscaping. Clean County offers a safer, more effective alternative. Or soft wash system gently washes away years of unsightly buildup to reveal a clean, fresh, “like new” home exterior.

Your siding is more than a decorative asset: It’s a suit of armor for your home. So when a house washing service is on your schedule, you want to make sure it has your best interests at heart. Enter soft washing. This exterior cleaning solution is not just the best way to clean your home;…

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