Spring Cleanup for HOAs

Sunny spring days make everyone more cheerful, but they also shine a bright light on the outside of your buildings. Wintertime often leaves behind grimy siding, filthy driveways, and debris-laden parking garages. Your HOA responsibilities are on full view for everyone to see, prospective tenants included. But you don’t need to worry. Your spring cleanup will be fast and efficient if you hire Clean County Powerwashing.

Problem Areas

All types of siding get dirty from everyday traffic dust, car exhaust and other environmental factors. Dingy exterior walls make your buildings look old and uncared for. Clean County offers pressure and soft wash processes that safely clean brick, stucco, vinyl and other types of siding. Your exterior will never be harmed as the many layers of grime are washed off with care.Your buildings’ roofs also need attention each spring. While debris and dirt are unsightly, they can also harm your shingles or tiles by forcing water to puddle and sometimes freeze, leading to roof damage and interior leaks.Concrete surfaces have to be washed regularly as well to prevent them from becoming stained and discolored. After a cold winter, they often contain residue from the salt used to melt ice and snow. The parking lot and parking garage surfaces face the same issue, which can cause them to deteriorate. They too need a good, professional cleaning each spring.

Clean County Powerwashing

Clean County Powerwashing offers proven results to the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania tri-state area. The company is fully insured and works hard to protect the environment while providing you with a superior level of service. They will handle any job, no matter its size.Clean County is particularly effective for HOAs who must maintain the appearance and function of a building’s exterior and common areas in order to attract new tenants and retain current ones. Also, a well-maintained building needs fewer repairs since it suffers less material erosion.For more information, fill out an online request for a free estimate or call 631-804-2490. Spring is almost here, so make your cleaning plans now so your buildings will be in top shape as soon as possible.