Is Your Parking Garage Ready for Business?

Every day, dozens – if not hundreds – of people share the same experience at your property. They pull their vehicle into a parking garage, inch it into a space, lock the doors, and head into your building. And before they leave, they repeat the process all over again.

Your parking garage holds a vitally important role in your customer experience. And our team is here to ensure that the experience is a positive one.

A Case for Safety

Every year, millions of people head to the emergency room because of slip and fall accidents. This injury, which is categorized as a “same-level fall,” typically happens because of an unstable or slippery ground. Consider that:

  • Slip and fall accidents cost nearly $8 billion annually in damages
  • They’re also the leading cause of worker compensation claims
  • Falls are the leading cause of workplace injury

Slip and fall accidents on your property aren’t pretty. And they’re also largely preventable.

Our Parking Garage Cleaning Solution

Clean County Power Washing serves customers in the Tri-State area with a pressure washing solution that ensures your property is safe, welcoming, and professional. We deliver regular service that will:

  • Remove slick buildup from your garage floor
  • Eliminate chewing gum, dirt, and other eyesores
  • Create an inviting aesthetic to greet every customer when they get out of the car

Parking garage cleaning creates a positive customer experience before they even remove their key from the ignition. And Clean County Power Washing brings the expertise that will keep your company on track for success and safety.