Clean County House Washing


As temperatures rise in the Tri-state area, now’s a great time to clean your home. Washing your home exterior this summer will remove the dirt and grime that has developed over the winter and spring months.


You might think that high-pressure washing is the only solution for cleaning your home exterior, but this isn’t the case. High-pressure washing uses a great deal of force to remove dirt and grime on your home, which can crack siding, destroy landscaping, and even cause water damage.


Is there another solution?


The benefits of SoftWash low-pressure washing


Clean County Powerwashing specializes in SoftWash low-pressure washing in the Tri-state area. Homeowners (and property management companies) in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania will benefit from high-quality house washing services that won’t damage properties.


Clean County Powerwashing uses the latest low-pressure washing equipment that won’t cause risk to your home exterior. This effective method could save you money on future home repairs because it’s much safer than high-pressure solutions.


Here are some of the other benefits of SoftWash low-pressure washing:


  • Add to the quality of your home.
  • Maintain your home.
  • Improve curb appeal.
  • Increase the value of your property.


When you invest in low-pressure residential washing this summer, you can transform the appearance of your property.


Clean County low-pressure washing

Clean County Powerwashing is a licensed company with $2 million of liability insurance, which provides you with peace of mind. Expect the highest standards of customer service at all times.


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