Best Way to Clean Apartment Building Siding, Decks & Fences

If you’re looking for the best way to clean apartment building exteriors, consider pressure washing. This fast, efficient method can banish grime from a wide range of surfaces. Among other things, it thoroughly cleans decks, walkways, fencing, walls, and patios.

Highly Effective

Numerous landlords prefer pressure washing because it completely removes many different substances. This method eliminates mold, dirt, moss, pollen, dust, stains and even graffiti. Pressurized water penetrates cracks and other hard-to-reach places. After cleaning, some apartment complexes look almost new.

Better Appearance

A more attractive exterior creates a positive first impression for potential renters. Existing tenants will feel better about living in the building and become less likely to go elsewhere. Vandals and other criminals tend to avoid clean, well-maintained structures.

Enhanced Safety

Moss, mold or tree debris could cause someone to slip and fall on your property. A power washer can rid decks and walkways of residues that become slippery in wet weather. It also removes harmful pollutants before they affect air quality.

Easier Upkeep

Enhanced cleanliness may empower you to maintain fences, decks, and buildings with greater ease. Surfaces will become easier to inspect. Pressure washing can help prepare them for sealing or painting. Certain materials also last longer after the removal of corrosive substances like bird droppings.

Hire an Expert

A downside of pressure washing is that amateurs frequently make mistakes and damage buildings or trigger serious injuries. Fortunately, you can rely on Clean County Powerwashing to provide safe, effective commercial services in New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, and Pennsylvania.

For more than two decades, our licensed, insured professionals have used a combination of soft and pressurized washing to rapidly clean all exterior surfaces. Please call to request a quote or learn more about our services for apartment building owners.