April Showers Bring May Flowers … and a Sparkling Clean Roof

As warmer temperatures start to hit and the animals and birds start to reappear, it’s a sure sign that spring is here. While you’re focusing on spring cleaning, clearing out the closets and airing out the house, don’t forget to include the exterior of your home in your spring cleaning efforts. Spring is one of the best times for home maintenance tasks like roof cleaning because it lets you get it out of the way before summer activities are in full swing and it gets even hotter. If your roof is in need of a refresh, the team at Clean County Powerwashing can help.

Benefits of Residential Roof Cleaning

While your roof may not be something you see on a regular basis, out of sight shouldn’t be out of mind. Here are just a few reasons to include soft washing your roof on your maintenance list:

• Increased energy efficiency: Over time, bacteria can build up on roof shingles, which can decrease their ability to be able to reflect the heat of the sun. This can mean warmer temperatures inside and higher cooling bills in the summer.
• Longer roof lifespan: Soft washing your roof removes the dirt and debris that naturally builds up over time and can start to deteriorate shingles.
• Better curb appeal: Your roof is like the hat of your room, and while it may not be the first place a buyer looks, a freshly cleaned roof can indicate a home that has been maintained regularly and adds to the inviting curb appeal.

Clean County Powerwashing

To find out more about how our roof cleaning services can benefit your home, contact Clean County Powerwashing today to schedule your appointment or get an estimate.